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-Mahatma Gandhi

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My journey to Little Tokyo...

Today, my roommate and I journeyed out to Little Tokyo to procure the ingredients and accessories necessary for bento box making - I have decided that making lunches for my roommate and myself would be a healthy, fun, and comparatively inexpensive experiment. She is willing to be my guinea pig in this. :) I love it when people are excited to eat my cooking, even before I've tried making it... Talk about boosting an amateur cook's confidence.

So we wandered off to pick up some basics. Bento boxes, first and foremost. As well as: a sushi rolling kit, brown mochi rice (or brown sticky rice), mirin, dashi stock, miso paste, gomashio, kombu, nori, shumai skins, inauruzashi no moto (bean curd skins), and sushi vinegar. This whole list was remarkably inexpensive at Nijiya Market in Little Tokyo, compared to the price these ingredients would have cost at Whole Foods. Support your local specialty markets!

And while we were down there, we had a most delicious (and enormous) meal at Daikokuya.

We both got combo platters; I had their specialty ramen and a small bowl of teriyaki eel (gosh, but I love unagi) and she had pork cutlets with her ramen. We were both very full by the end of it and had to take half our food home in doggy bags (hello, Sunday lunch).

Yet, we were not so full (I thought) to avoid a trip to Mikawaya for delicious gelato-filled mochi balls. Nom nom nom.

And yes, before you ask, I will be documenting my forays into bento-making. I'm not sure I can promise they will look pretty, but I will make sure to get feedback from my guinea pig as to their edibility. :)

Ja mata!


  1. This sounds really interesting. Hopefully you will also still write about food that we ordinary folks will have ingredients for.
    I have actually been able to MAKE AND EAT some of what you have written so far! No eel please. ;)

  2. Hey there... where are the new recipes. Not even a new haiku! Have you abandoned us lowly followers out there?

  3. Hello! Sorry about that. Life got a little ahead of me. Now there are new recipes (asian market and non-asian market) and a haiku. How about that. :)