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Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hello, friends!

So it was that I received a wee request for Irish stories and recipes in honor of the coming of St. Patrick's Day. In the spirit of the coming holiday, I offer these recipes for savories, sweets, and bloody good drinks. Go on, have a peace! (And look after your heads, will ya?)

1940s Snickerdoodles - Goes great with your afternoon tea!

This guy...
or this guy...  

Don't forget to wear your green tomorrow! And keep an eye on this page. I'll be posting a delicious green cookie recipe later on today!



  1. Steak and guinness casserole - that's what I was looking for! Thanks!!

  2. I made colcannon from that recipe last year to go with my corned beef. Delicious. This year I'll be more ambitious and try the Irish fruit brack.

  3. I meant -- try the fruit brack TOO. The colcannon stays too.

  4. Trying these. The stories are interesting. Didn't know all that.

  5. Happy St Paddy day to you (belated). Glad to see you back. I lurk once and while to see what you have.