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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bento Box 5: 'What's in my fridge?' Bento

I had planned on making beef soboro and sweet potatoes, but got too bogged down with research for my new acting project to make it out of the house (I'll make this on Friday). The result?

'What do I have in my refrigerator?' Bento: Tamagoyaki, brown rice, miso soup, and a dessert of a small no-pudge brownie slice and 2 strawberries. Aww. My lucky roommate.

What is tamagoyaki, you ask? Have you ever been to a sushi restaurant and gotten that delicious sweet egg omelet along with your fish sushi? That egg is tamagoyaki. I followed the recipe on Just Hungry, cutting down the sugar they used and replacing what remained with date sugar. They have an excellent, step-by-step pictorial guide through this if you need it.

(makes 2 servings)

4 large eggs
1 tsp date sugar
1 tsp mirin
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp soy sauce
oil for cooking (I used olive oil)

Prepare a small bowl of oil and a heat-resistant brush.

Heat a small, pre-oiled pan on medium-low heat.

Beat together the ingredients with a fork and then run it through a mesh strainer.

Brush the heated pan with a little oil. Put in about 3 tbsp of the egg mixture. Cook until the egg has not quite set. Roll up with a fork to one side of the pan.

Brush the expose part of the pan with a little oil.

Put another 3 tbsp of egg mixture into the pan. Spread it evenly and make sure some of it gets under the cooked, rolled egg. Cook until this layer is almost set, then roll the whole egg to the opposite side of the pan.

Repeat until you've used up all the egg mixture.

Moisten a sushi rolling mat and roll the cooked egg (it looks kind of like a burrito) in the mat. I thwak'd it a couple times with my rice mallet to really squeeze it together.

Then leave the roll in the mat over a raised rim plate. Allow to cool, then slice and enjoy. :) I served these over some brown rice in the bento.

As for the rest of the bento box, I'm just not going to tell you. :) The miso soup recipe is available here. And the no-pudge brownie recipe is available on the back of TJ's No Pudge Brownie Mix. Yeah, I cheated. *hangs head impishly* Forgive me?


  1. Ireni your answers on prior post are super. Have you ever seen Good Eats on TV? You remind me of that guy when you add all the explanations(that's a compliment, by the way)

  2. This series is interesting and seems approachable once the ingredients are obtained.

  3. Well, I have been RSSing for a while so decided to formally follow. Good stuff here.

  4. Hello! Thanks for following! And thanks for the kudos, Cindy! Alton Brown (the host of Good Eats) is one of my all-time favorites, so you really made my day with that one. :)

    Ingredients. Yes. Some of them can be a little difficult to find at first. But I get my "weird" ingredients and then keep cooking with them until they're gone. So at least you'll get some varieties of ways to use them here. And it's always fun to list the ingredients of a dish to your friends and watch their eyes goggle. Hehehe.