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Monday, October 18, 2010

VAM Questionnaire: Tiene

Tiene is a 6th grade teacher working in South LA. She graduated with a BS in Biology and MA in education.


Q When did you become a vegetarian?
A I became a vegetarian in September 2006... 4 years ago.

Q Why did you become a vegetarian?
I became vegetarian to try to reduce the amount of suffering on earth and also to reduce my carbon footprint.

Q What is the most common misunderstanding you face about being vegetarian?
The most common misunderstanding I faced was that I wasn't going to get all the nutrients and protein that I needed to survive.

Q What is your strategy for maintaining a vegetarian diet?
My strategy is to eat a variety of veggies and to make sure I have some dairy products in my diet everyday. I try to ensure that I have one protein-rich product in every meal.

Q What is your favorite meal?
My mom makes a lot of great vegetarian dishes. My favorite dish from her is a tofu and tomato stir-fry.

Q What is your favorite dish to prepare?
My favorite dish to prepare is a vegetarian burrito with beans, rice, cheese, lettuce, salsa, and avocado!

Q What is your favorite cookbook?
I don't really use cookbooks; I watch my mom cook and try to recreate what she does!

Q What is your favorite restaurant?
A Happy Veggie in Redondo Beach, Vegetarian Haven in Toronto (Canada), Sipz Fusion Cafe in San Diego

Q Which culinary tools do you use most in your kitchen?
Cutting board, knife, chopsticks? Nothing fancy.

Q Do you have any advice/thoughts you'd share with people who are considering becoming vegetarian?
It's not that bad! You just have to monitor your food intake to make sure you have enough protein and vitamins. There's a ton of great vegetarian restaurants in SoCal to help introduce you to how great vegetarian food can taste!

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