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-Mahatma Gandhi

Saturday, October 2, 2010

VAM Questionnaire: Londale

Londale Theus Sr. is a professional working actor who resides in El Segundo, CA. He's wonderfully talented on set and wonderfully entertaining and fascinating off camera. His wife, Martha Theus, runs the vegetarian blog 21st Century Vegetarians, and will be answering questions later on. :)


Q When did you become a vegetarian?
A 1982, I’ve been a vegetarian 28yrs.

Q Why did you become a vegetarian?
A For spiritual reasons: personal growth and spiritual development.

Q In what way has being a vegetarian enhanced your spiritual development and personal growth?
A I make a moral and spiritual decision every time I put food in my body, thus the veggie diet along with my daily spiritual practice helps me to continue to expand my consciousness and stay connected to source. It makes my meditation easier, because I'm not making my body a graveyard for dead animals, thus allowing me to experience a deeper peace, inner focus, and divine awareness. Finally I understand that we live in a moral universe where cause and effect, and action and reaction is a part of life. So I treat "all" life with as much compassion as possible and choose not to create unnecessary suffering by eating non-vegetarian food and help the world have a little more light, joy, and peace. Honor all life, do no harm!

Q What is the most common misunderstanding you face about being vegetarian?
A That you can’t be strong and athletic on a vegetarian diet.

Q What is your strategy for maintaining a vegetarian diet?
A No strategy. It’s my way of life, it is at the core of who I am.

Q What have been your experiences with maintaining your diet through your various (fascinating) careers? Any interesting stories?
A I was a police officer (Santa Monica P.D.) for 20yrs and no one could really understand how I was one of the strongest, fastest and most athletic people on the department. I won the gold medal for the “Toughest Cop Alive” competition in 1994 at the California Police Olympics, which consisted of: 5k run, shot put, 100m sprint, 100m swim, 20ft rope climb, bench press (295ibs), pull-up (38 reps), 200m obstacle course; all done in one day. Everyone on the department was proud I won but mystified that I could do it on a vegetarian diet. 

Q What is your favorite vegetarian meal?
A All of the dishes in my wife’s veggie cook book, for example: Penne Pasta with Italian Veggies and veggie chicken.

Q Were you a vegetarian before you met your wife? Was she before she met you? Or were you both already vegetarian?
A I was a vegetarian 3yrs before I met Martha. No; she was not a vegetarian when I met her.

Q Do you feel like you had an influence on Martha's choice to become a vegetarian?
A Yes, she was impressed by my way of life and practical spiritual philosophy that supported it. 

Q Did you know from the beginning that you were going to raise your children vegetarian? Did they ever want to be carnivorous/omnivorous?
A Yes; [and] my daughter 24yrs and son 22yrs have never wanted or asked for non-veggie food, and are vegetarians to this day.

Q Favorite vegetarian dish to prepare?
A Oatmeal

Q Favorite vegetarian cookbook?
A “Throwin’ Down” Vegetarian Style by Martha and Kamaal Theus

Q Favorite vegetarian restaurant?
A Veggie Grill (locations here in the LA area)

Q Which culinary tools do you use most often in the kitchen?
A Breakfast: a pot of water and spoon for my oatmeal.

Q Any advice/thoughts you'd share with people who are considering becoming vegetarian?
A Go to 21st Century Vegetarians and look at the information and resources that are there to help you make an enlightened choice, and transition easily into a healthy, happy, and compassionate way of life.


  1. Alright, that post was interesting enough for me to go through the bother of setting up an account. The answers were truly inspirational. I think being a vegetarian would be healthier. I guess I am a part-time vegetarian.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. More to come. :)

  3. Thanks for such a great article and taking the time to do it. Londale and I were so honored to be a part of this!

  4. Oatmeal I will have to re -think that and start eating it again.

  5. This is interesting. Philosophically, I would like to be a moderate vegetarian but it's hard to do.

  6. Great interview! I can attest to how wonderful Martha's "Throwin' Down Vegetarian Style" cookbook is.
    And Martha is one of the sweetest people out there.

    To Anonymous: I used to think it would be difficult to be vegan(was vegetarian for 17 years first). But once you educate yourself and learn all the good reasons to have a more peaceful diet, it will come easier. Also, gradually replacing your favorite animal foods with veg versions and acquiring a support system of people on the same path, will make all the difference.

    Good luck to you!