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Sunday, December 13, 2009

In Ovis Apalis (Boiled Eggs) : A Saturnalian Dish

Yep. I went looking for Roman grub recipes. I am writing in a recipe taken from this website, which houses a collection of "antique roman dishes". Another source for Roman recipes is Patrick Faas's "Around the Roman Table: Food and Feating in Ancient Rome", which is an awesome book that you should definitely get if you're interested in more traditional Ancient Roman eats, but I'm not writing any of his recipes here because I fear the terrors of copyright infringement. 

In Ovis Apalis (Boiled Eggs) 

8 hard-boiled eggs (not too well done)
50g stone-pine kernels
honey, pepper, vinegar, Liebstoeckl*, Liquamen** or salt, to taste (*Liebstoeckl. In Latin, it's called 'levisticum officinale'. It's an umbelliferous plant with yellowish flowers and it's roots, when dried, are used as a spice. It seems to be a kind of celery.) (**Liquamen is a salty fish sauce. I think it's either the same or similar to the traditional "garum" of Mediterranean cuisine. Most of the time you can replace it with salt.)

Dressing for the boiled eggs- mix together pepper, Liebstoeckl, soaked pine kernels. Add honey and vinegar and season with Liquamen. Serve together with the eggs.

Note: I have not made this dish, so I don't know how it tastes or turns out. But it looks to be similar to deviled eggs, just with different seasonings, and you dress the whole hardboiled egg rather than filling the boiled whites with a yolk mash.

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