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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Aunt Mary in the Afternoon

One of my good (and ridiculously talented) friends has created a delicious summer (and really all year long) treat that is all natural and insanely addictive. His product, Aunt Mary's Velvet Ice, is relatively new but can be found in several Farmers Markets in the Los Angeles area. If you happen to come across this stuff, don't just get one silly 1/2 gallon. Get lots. Keep it in your freezer, give it to friends, serve it at parties. It's - quite simply - awesome.

In the event that you do manage to find this stuff (it should be available for online ordering soon), here is one example of how you can make it even more awesome for a summer evening get-together. 

Aunt Mary in the Afternoon 
(invented by J. Johnson)

2 cubes ice
2 generous scoops Aunt Mary's Lemon Mint Velvet Ice
3-5 fingers Tanqueray gin

Mix well. Serve cold. 

Taste-tester approved. :)

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  1. Health food and educational info. Now zombies and gin. You never cease to surprise.